Green Tiger Faster Flowering (X4)

Green Tiger Faster Flowering (X4)

Green Tiger Faster Flowering (X4)

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Faster Flowering of the Green Tiger one of the most rapper types in the world
once again, BSF seeds fills us with joy and satisfaction by presenting a new star
enter the Hall of Fame, the big green tiger.

This variety was developed in honor of one of the rapper's most similar types
world, Original Juan, crossed the elite clone of Early Skunk X Skunk P90, and combined with a faster flowering, giving everything the speed we want.

This is a variety of large production deliveries in no time, also supporting
the harshest climates.                                                                                                         

Its full potential can be exploited if it remains well fertilized, reaching indoor yields close to 600 g / m2 injections per week.
In short growth and a pine-like shape.                                                                             

We recommend it for wet areas thanks to its exceptional mushroom resistance.

The green tiger will impress you with its strong sweet and fruity flavor, like a fruit

Its origin indicates and its medicinal value promote it as a perfect variety for the treatment of food problems, insomnia, muscle pain, migraine and vomiting, among others.

The green tiger is one of the most rap seeds in the world.

Parents: (Early Skunk X Skunk) X Skunk Pre 90


THC: 22%

  • Sativity:  20%
  • Effect: relaxing, creative
  • Flowering: 6 weeks
  • Taste:  fruit, sweet



  • Indoor:  500-650 G / m2
  • Outdoor:  400-600 G / PLANT


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