Double Cookies Feminized

Intense taste of baked cookies

At BSF SEEDS, we think about what we would like to smoke and we create it.
On this occasion, we present Double Cookies Feminized, the result of the
crossing of two large-sized American genetics; the spectacular Do-si-dos as a
mother and the elite clone of Cookies Forum Cut as a father.

Double Cookies Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid of very easy cultivation,
great production and full of trichomes inherited from its father. This strain has
small internodal spaces, wonderful purple and dark shades with resin-filled
leaves and a high THC (25% - 27%) which makes it a perfect strain for

Double Cookies Feminized salvages the true and intense flavor of the Girl
Scout Cookies genetics, an exquisite mix of freshly baked cookies with fine
touches of mint and chocolate. Without a doubt, a unique smell and taste that
will stay in your mind and palate for several minutes.

The effect of the Double Cookies Feminized is of pure happiness and great
euphoria, triggering great laughter in an intense and prolonged high that will
leave you enjoying a joyful moment, and then gently wrapping your up in a
narcotic and relaxed effect. Double Cookies Feminized is recommended for
the treatment of chronic pain, post-traumatic stress and muscle cramps.

Double Cookies Feminized is the double cookie that you can never forget
after trying it.

Double Cookies Auto
The unmistakable taste of cookie

In BSF SEEDS, when we thought about what to give our,” BSFIANOS”, we
decided to work every day to make history and innovate. For this reason, in our
Star Players, we gave a space to the unmistakable cookie flavor that is causing
chatter in the US: Double Cookies Auto.

Double Cookies Auto is an indica / sativa hybrid which is the product of the
crossing of the elite clone of Do-Si-Dos, as a mother, and Girl Scout Cookies
4th generation Auto as the father, allowing you to preserve the true taste of Girl
Scout Cookies, so sought after.

Double Cookies Auto is a very easy growing plant with high production in a
short cycle, in just 8-9 weeks it will be ready to be cut. During flowering, its
flowers fill with trichomes reaching high levels of THC. In its structure, it
presents a large central bud with lateral branches at the same height,

characteristics of the varieties of predominance indica, with purple touches on
its leaves.The effect of Double Cookies Auto will leave you happy for hours, and its
incredible sweet mint flavor with hints of fresh lime and pine will not go

As for its medicinal value, this strain is recommended in treatments
against depression, spasms and muscle aches.

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